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Youth Ministry

Lift ministries

"Our goal as a ministry is to show kids the love of Jesus. To show them that they are chosen, teach them the truth, and show them that they have a calling to go out and tell others about the love of Jesus." 

Sunday Mornings

This is a time for our Junior  High and High Schoolers to dive into Scripture. To let them ask questions as we learn to live more like Christ. We teach them how to study his word during this time. It is also a time for Students to gather together in a fellowship with other believers to grow closer to one another.

Wednesday Night

This is a time that we have dinner for  the kids starting at 5:40pm. We eat together around round tables and talk with each other. After, as a group we do a group activity together that helps bond one another. Finally we dive into the thoughts of an Upside Down Kingdom and what the world is trying to tell our Junior Higher's and High School Students compared to that of the Bible, and how we can live by that truth with love and grace to those around us.


​October 8th: Dress up theme Nerf Night

October 22: Barn warming party @6pm-8pm

November 5: Game Night @6pm-8pm

December 1: Journey to Bethlehem @Racine 

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