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Sunday School

Adult Bible School Electives

July-September 2017

Every Sunday morning at 9:30 great things are happening at VHCC. Sunday School classes give everyone an opportunity to share their lives with others and to grow in God's word. Here are the classes we have available to help you "get connected":

We will be beginning a new set of classes on October 1st. These are the current classes.
God's Urgent Call Room 9 John Matters
God's Urgent Call Room 11 Hubert Hinten     
Nehemiah Room 1-2Ken Leach
Prayer Room 12Dustin Craft

Children and Youth Classes                                                  
 Class Room
 3-5 year olds 10 (Basement)
 K-1st Grade 8 (Basement)
 2nd-3rd Grades 6 (Basement)
 4th-5th Grades 4 (Basement)
 Middle School(5th-8th Grades)5 (Basement)
Infant 8 (Main Floor) 
 Nursery7 (Main Floor)