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Jacob Carnes

Family Background

    I was born and raised in Joplin, Missouri. I grew up in a large and godly family. I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters. My parents are firm believers and raised their children well. I am the sixth child in the family. All my older siblings are married and most of them have kids. Altogether our family has about 10 nieces and nephews. I love my big family and always enjoy family gatherings.


     I was private schooled for several years, but because of my large family we decided to be home-schooled. I was home-schooled throughout high school. After high school I attended Ozark Christian College. I graduated in May of 2015. I am studying music and worship and will hopefully graduate with a Bachelor of music and worship.


     I come from a very musically inclined family. My dad was the music minister at College Heights. My two older brothers have also been worship ministers. I took piano lessons in elementary school. I started playing guitar for my high school worship band in junior high. Later on my church needed a drummer so I began to teach myself. When I got to OCC I took professional lessons for guitar and vocals for about two years. I did a music internship in Houston, Texas, in the summer of 2013. During my internship I took more guitar and drum lessons as well as fulfilling various musical responsibilities throughout the church.  When I came back to Joplin, I got involved at Koinonia.  Koinonia is an MSSU Christian group that meets every Tuesday night. I was approached by a professor at OCC about a job offer at Villa Heights in the spring semester of 2014. I accepted the job because I felt like God was calling me to serve.


    I love God and I am so thankful for the countless blessings he has placed in my life. The longer I live the more I see his hand move in my life. Most of all I am so thankful that Jesus took my punishment so that I can have direct contact with God. I have a passion for music, music that glorifies God and elevates the truth about who he is. I want to be a worshiper who leads other worshipers to the throne room of God. I want to join with all the angels and creation in the praise of the goodness and righteousness of God. Music is such a powerful tool in our society and in our churches. Music has the power to elevate us to a place of worship before God. Music can also be used as a congregational decree about what we believe as Christians. Music can be used to celebrate and mourn, to ask for mercy from God, and to praise the greatness of God. I believe music is so important to our churches because it has the power to unify us in our worship with God. We all come from different backgrounds, but when we worship and sing to God, we are worshiping the same God who has made us one body through Christ.