If you are a visitor...

Welcome to Villa Heights Christian Church!  We are really pleased to meet you. Villa Heights consists of a group of imperfect people serving a Perfect God. According to Matthew 22:36-40, Jesus tells us to love God with everything we have and to love others more than ourselves. Villa Heights Christian Church works hard to do that.

What to expect when you first visit:

We have Sunday School at 9:30 AM on Sunday mornings. If you come into our foyer, we have coffee with a HUGE variety of creamers. We also have decaffeinated coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Before 9:30, you will find people visiting and catching up with each other on the past few days. We offer a variety of Sunday classes all over the building for adults and kids alike. Each adult class determines their focus of their study. We are not a formal church, you will see people in jeans and those who wear ties.

For a complete list of Sunday School Classes, please click here. Most anyone can tell you where the classes are and would do so willingly.

When  you arrive for the 10:30 Worship Time, you will see a group of people praising the Lord. Our music director, Jacob Carnes, leads us in musical worship.
We offer age appropriate Worship Services for kids. There are infant and toddler nurseries. We also offer Junior Worship and Wee Worship for your kids.  Anna Craft has a Christ-like heart for children, and their curriculum is top notch.

Villa Heights Christian Church offers communion every Sunday. This part of our worship is the central reason we gather each Sunday. It is offered for anyone who desires to honor Jesus and to remember His death and resurrection in a special way.

Truman Brady presents the message. He has a heart for the Lord and for people. His sermons come from the Word of God and from what the Lord lays upon his heart to say.
On Sunday and Wednesday evenings, there are several small group Bible studies. If child care is a problem, our children's ministry has an active program for your family.

Also, on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, there is Acts 29 Student Ministries led by Rob Petersen. During this time, Rob teaches biblical principles to 6th-12th graders in a way that is engaging and fun. This youth ministry is an active part of our church, schools, and communities.

We cannot wait to see you there.